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SpaceMan 99 - Find duplicate files and folders

SpaceMan 99

Find duplicate files and folders, and folder sizes

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System requirements
Windows 10, or
Windows 8, or
Windows 7, or
Windows Vista, or
Windows XP

SpaceMan 99 product summary

SpaceMan 99 box shot Disk drive in a mess? SpaceMan 99 is the ideal tool to help sort it out. It's very easy to end up with lots of duplicate files all over your disk. This can happen when you copy files and folders from place to place, or if you download the same files several times from the Internet. SpaceMan 99 shows you where all these duplicate files are, and provides powerful commands to help you to automatically delete the unwanted copies.

Disk drive always full? SpaceMan 99 can also show the total disk space used by all folders. This is invaluable when you are trying to find out what is using up all your disk space.

Why use SpaceMan 99? SpaceMan 99 is one of the best tools available for finding duplicate files and folders, and is fantastic value at only $20!

SpaceMan 99 benefits

Byte for byte duplicate file finding
Since version 1, SpaceMan 99 has always supported true byte for byte comparison of files to determine if two files are identical. This method guarantees that when duplicate files are found, the duplicate files are identical. Using checksums may be quicker, but there is always a chance that two non-identical files may have the same checksum. Newer versions of SpaceMan 99 also support the use of checksums to test if two files are identical, but always as a user option so you can decide whether to trade speed of scanning for the small chance that two non-identical files may appear to be identical.
SpaceMan 99 uses intelligent algorithms so that even when byte for byte testing for duplicate files is selected, it first tries other quicker methods to determine if two files are different.
Powerful and easy to use tools to delete duplicate files
Once duplicate files have been identified, the most common next step is to delete all of them except one. SpaceMan 99 pioneered the methods for selecting files to delete from a set of duplicates. These include selecting all files in a folder that have duplicates elsewhere in the file system, or all files outside a particular folder that have duplicates in that folder. SpaceMan 99 uses a two stage process for deleting files. Files are first marked for deletion, at which point the complete list can be reviewed. Once you are happy with the list, the marked files can be deleted. SpaceMan 99 uses the Windows system delete command to delete files, so provided you have selected the Windows option to send deleted items to the recycle bin, you can always undo deletions anyway.
Clear reporting of duplicate files
This is one of the things often commented on by users. SpaceMan 99 shows the duplicate files found in a very clear and intuitive way.