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Standard Installation

To install ExtraBits, download the installer from the web site:

Run the installer, and follow the instructions.


Unattended Installation

The installer can also be run in unattended mode, so that it can be remotely installed.

The installer takes the following options on the command line:


If this option is specified, the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is.  If a restart is needed, the user will be asked if they want the system to be rebooted.


If this option is specified, none of the wizard, background window or installation progress window will be shown.  If a restart is needed, the system will be rebooted automatically unless the /norestart option is also specified (see below).


Prevents the installer from restarting the system following a successful installation, or after a Preparing to Install failure that requests a restart. Typically used along with /silent or /verysilent.


Prevents the installer from closing applications using files that need to be updated by the installer.  Note: if ExtraBits is already installed, it is quite likely to be in use by File Explorer, so if this flag is specified then the users system will need to be rebooted to complete the installation if this option is specified.


This option lets you automatically activate a Pro license for ExtraBits.


extrabits180.exe /verysilent /nocloseapplications /norestart /t=T-EB01-0000-0000-0000



There are two aspects of ExtraBits that can be configured:

The arrangement of the menu commands in the File Explorer context menu (the order, which are shown, and whether they are in a sub-menu or the main menu.

The presets used by Copy Filenames.

These configurations are stored in two files that can be copied to a user's machine to set the menu configuration and presets they will see.

The menu configuration is stored in a file called MenuCommands.xml.

The presets are stored in a file called Presets.xml.

Both these files are stored in the folder %APPDATA%\ExtraBit\ExtraBits (where %APPDATA% is usually C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming).