Copy Filenames Command

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Copy Filenames Command

The Copy Filenames command copies the names of all the selected files and folders to the Windows clipboard as text.

If a single file or folder is selected, then just its name is copied to the clipboard. If multiple files or folders are selected, then all the selected filenames are copied to the clipboard, one filename per line.

If multiple files or folders are selected, right click on the top item in the selection when bringing up the context menu to make sure the sort order is the same as in File Explorer.



Hold down the CTRL key while the command is selected to bring up the Options Panel. This lets you copy extended information about each file to the clipboard. Extended information that can be copied is the file size, last modified-date, and full path. Holding down CTRL with the Copy Filenames command is the same as selecting the Copy Filenames with Options command.


If the SHIFT key is held down while the command is selected, then the full path to each selected file(s) or folder(s) will be copied to the clipboard instead of just the name.


The SHIFT modifier is particularly useful if you have brought up a file dialog in an application and you want to open a file that is already visible in a File Explorer window.  You can right click on the file in File Explorer, select the Copy Filenames command while holding down the SHIFT key, and then paste the full path into the file dialog without having to navigate to the right folder in the file dialog.