Adding New Commands

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There are two types of command, built-in commands and user defined commands.

Built-in commands are those menu commands that CopyFilenames Pro can add to the Windows Explorer context menu that have no options and have built-in behavior.

User defined commands allow you to configure what file-attributes and other text is copied to the clip-board.

To add a new CopyFilenames Pro command to the Windows Explorer right-click context menu, use the Configure command to bring up the Configure CopyFilenames Pro dialog and press the Add New Command button.

This will bring up the New Command dialog:


The drop-down list lets you select the command type to add. This can be either a user-defined command, or any of the built-in command types.

When you select a command type from the list, a brief description of that command will be shown in the Selected Command Description area.

To add a new command of the selected type, press the OK button.

The new command will then be added to the list below the currently selected command, and will then be automatically selected. You can then change the name if you wish, and if the new command is user-defined, you can edit the command to set the text you want it to generate when it is used.


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